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How to Fix Touchpad Not Working with Asus Windows 10

RAM, or random access memory, is responsible for storing data while the computer is in use. If there is a problem with the RAM, it can cause all sorts of abnormalities. You should also check your computer’s Energy Saver settings, located in the System Preferences. For most users, the default settings are appropriate.

  • The way to unblock a program in the antivirus software is the same way to unblock the torent client in the antivirus software.
  • Unfortunately, if it happens that your laptop is the one from which other computers on the network are fetching updates, it won’t shut down.
  • The process of changing a CMOS battery in a laptop, although easy, can be quite daunting if you do not want to mess with the hardware or have little knowledge about it.
  • That’s what happens to the processor, RAM, and graphics card that are all constantly running by never shutting off your computer.
  • But sometimes, it can be responsible for spontaneous shutdowns.

I am in the process of installing windows 7 on my SSD drive. For the best performance I entered BIOS and changed the SATA mode from IDE to AHCI. When I rebooted I ended up with a blue screen. Changed it back to IDE, booted into Vista and did some registry changes to enable AHCI. I wrote a few large files too it and read them no issue, Scandisk is fine.

How do I know if my SSD is recognized?

If you’re having issues getting your drive to show in BIOS, there are some things that you can easily check to determine the problem. By first diagnosing what went wrong, you’ll then be able to get the drive recognized in BIOS. Here you’ll find the most common causes and suggestions on how to get them remedied. Have you recently installed a new drive in your computer but it’s not showing up in BIOS? You’ve followed all the instructions and believe you’ve installed it correctly, but apparently, there’s still an issue.

What is the RPC Server is Unavailable error? What causes it?

Such unexpected shutdowns can easily lead to loss of unsaved work, loss of productivity, and a dissatisfactory Windows experience. That said, we’re confident that one of the solutions has helped you fix those random shutdowns on Windows 11 for good. Once you’ve identified the root cause for those random shutdowns, you can troubleshoot to prevent that from happening on Windows 11. Next, you can run the Power troubleshooter on Windows. It’ll automatically fix any issues with the current power plan or system settings that might be responsible for the issue. To find out if your CMOS battery is working or not, you can check your system’s date and time settings the antimalware service executable next time you turn it on.